Everyone has cellulite somewhere on their body, especially women. These fatty deposits consisting of soft or hard dimpled fat is something most of us dread seeing on our bodies. This condition affects both overweight and slim women, and is most commonly found around the thighs, stomach, upper arms and buttocks area.

No matter how hard you work out or how healthy you eat, cellulite can still appear. It is very stubborn and while a healthy diet and exercise can help a little bit, it will not prevent it from happening completely.

Whether you have hard cellulite or soft cellulite, chances are you would like to help reduce its appearance and the following tips can help:

  1. Exfoliating with coconut oil is a perfect way to tackle cellulite. Using scrubs that contain salts will help quite a bit because of the different minerals and magnesium they contain. Exfoliate the area on your body with such oils in a circular motion to help regenerate your skin cells.
  2. Dry brushing before getting into the shower will help with poor circulation that can lead to congestion in the skin. This will also help move any toxins and waste from your lymph nodes, which will help a lot with the appearance of your skin as this process will help eliminate dead skin cells and replenish them.
  3. Massages also help move toxins and waste from the lymph nodes, which is not only detoxifying but also soothing for your muscles. The removal of dead skin cells will help with the appearance of your skin. Always be sure to drink lots of water once your massage is complete so that you flush out the toxins from your body.
  4. While cellulite is resistant to exercise, it will make a difference in getting rid of the appearance of it. In addition to this, exercising is also very important for your mental and physical health, so it’s important to take it seriously.
  5. Staying hydrated is another way to tackle cellulite and very important in general as it will help keep your body moving. If you’re not a fan of regular water, try adding lemon slices or different types of fruits so that you can consume more of it.

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