You may have noticed tiny, weird little bumps on your skin that you just cannot identify. Skin tags are very common (around half of adults have them) skin growths that usually appear on the neck, underarms, groin, or eyelids. They are totally harmless and are often a few millimetres wide (though, they can grow up to 5 cm wide!). If you have skin tags, chances are one or both of your parents have them, as they are genetic. They are also more common after 50 and if you are obese. While harmless, they can be annoying and on occasion catch and bleed, so how do you get rid of these little growths?

How Do Skin Tags Form?

Skin tags are created by friction. When the skin rubs against itself or against clothing they begin to form and grow. This is why you mainly get skin tags in your groin area, your underarms, on your neck where your collar meets your skin, and on eyelids. Some women also get them under their breasts. They can form as individual skin tags and in clusters.

How Do You Remove Skin Tags?

Do not DIY it! Tugging and pulling at skin tags can irritate them and cause them to bleed, so do not pull at them. There are a lot of DIY methods online that tell you how you can remove skin tags, including typing a string tight around the base of the skin tag until it falls off. Do not do these DIY methods; they can lead to scarring. There are at home skin tag freezing kits on sale at most pharmacies, but it is recommended to consult a doctor before using them and never to use them on a skin tag on your face. What you should do is go to a professional. Either a doctor, dermatologist, or a professional aesthetician who specializes in skin tags and skin treatments can remove a skin tag. There are three main ways that they go about removing skin tags: cutting, freezing, and burning. At FAB Laser and Skin Care, we both freeze and burn off skin tags. If you want to freeze off your skin tag, then liquid nitrogen will be applied to the skin tag for just a few moments. The tag will then fall off in about a weeks time. There can be some stinging when the tag is frozen, and there may be bleeding when it falls off. If the skin tag is small one treatment is all that is needed; larger skin tags can need multiple treatments. If you want to burn your skin tag off, then the skin tag is cut off the body, and then electricity is used to burn the wound closed. A bandage will be applied to the area, and you must keep it on until the site heals. The results from burning are immediate, and you will not need to come back for further treatments.

Skin Care Centre at FAB Laser and Skin Care

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