Acne scars are hard to deal with because it often seems like they simply won’t go away. If you have acne scars and have tried a number of different products but have yet to see results, you are not alone. This is a skincare concern that a lot of people struggle with and it is important to understand that acne is complex and acne scars are very difficult to treat. The more information you have, the better informed you will be and you can get rid of your scars more successfully.

Before jumping into treatments, it is important to know the causes of acne and the ways that you may be able to avoid it. Whenever a hair follicle becomes clogged with a combination of sebum and dead skin, acne will occur. Sebum is a natural oil that our skin produces and when it is combined with dead skin, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads will form. Severe acne is when the infection goes deep into your skin and causes the pore to become inflamed forming bumps of pus. If this is the case, you are experiencing cystic acne, which is a different type of acne.

There are two types of acne scarring and the first form of scarring is usually permanent and a result of inflamed or cystic pimples that were left untreated or that are simply more severe in nature. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the second type of acne scarring and is discolorations left behind from breakouts. This is more common on darker skin and can be treated because they are not permanent.

Refraining from picking or squeezing your pimples is the most effective way of reducing acne scarring. Attempting to squeeze them will only aggravate your acne and cause dirt and bacteria from your hands and nails to transfer onto your skin. Additionally, popping a pimple will cause the leaking pus and bacteria to spread.

The use of sunscreen is extremely important because the sun will break down collagen and will make both acne scarring and hyperpigmentation worse. Protecting your skin is something you must do every day and a good retinol cream will also help prevent scarring. Choose a product that is packed with antioxidants, fruit enzymes and vitamins because this will help even out your skin tone and you will be left with smooth skin that is healthy and glowing.

The reality is that treating acne scars is different for everyone because no scar is the same and everyone’s skin is different, so there is no one solution or treatment that will work for everyone. Treatments will vary based on the type of scarring you have and depending on your situation, you can try laser treatments or micro-needling, both of which have proven to be effective.

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