Food is a big part of our everyday lives, and being surrounded by delicious meals and tasty desserts can make it difficult to say no, which will result in weight gain. As hard as it may seem, there are ways of getting through self-isolation without gaining weight and remaining healthy, so remember these tips to get through the next few months:

Make sure you remain active

Whether it’s working out at home or going for a walk after dinner (if you are allowed to), physical activity is incredibly important because inactivity will lead to weight gain. Instead of sitting on the couch after eating, try going outdoors for a nice walk or help clean the kitchen so that you don’t just sit, which will affect your weight negatively. Get your family members involved in this as well. 

Snack in moderation

Treats are easily accessible, so it’s up to you to limit your intake of unhealthy snacks like cookies and cake. If you find yourself eating too many snacks, keep them out of sight so that you don’t reach for them or simply snack wisely so that you don’t regret it afterwards. Remember that you can always choose healthy alternatives like fruits, nuts and vegetables to avoid added sugars and unhealthy fats, which may cause weight gain.

Be mindful of your portions

It’s easy to overeat if you are bored at home but monitoring your portion sizes will help with this problem. Use smaller plates and use your judgement so that you stay away from large portions. 

Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to hunger and the chances of you consuming more calories will increase, while the chances of exercising will decrease and this will inevitably lead to added weight. 

Try to control your stress

This is easier said than done, especially during a pandemic, which has already been chaotic and demanding. Higher stress levels will lead to greater food intake and, consequently, weight gain. Those who cannot control their stress tend to turn to junk food for comfort, which is unhealthy, so exercise, meditate and practise deep breathing techniques to help reduce your stress. 

Be mindful of the beverages you consume

Alcohol, soda, juice and other calorie-rich beverages, and staying at home can make it easy to get carried away. The problem is that these drinks contain a high amount of sugar and will add unnecessary calories to your diet, which will lead to weight gain so limit your liquid calories. 

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