With advancements in technology, it is not possible to get rid of stubborn pockets of fats without any surgery or downtime. Keep reading to learn more about new treatments that will have you feeling you’re very best.

The Guide to Non-Surgical Skin Tightening & Fat Reduction

Non-surgical skin tightening & fat reduction are non-invasive treatments that aim to break down fat cells in specific areas and tighten the skin. There are a number of FDA approved treatments available, all of which offer clients fat loss without any downtime.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Fat Reduction?

Fat reduction is ideal for those that are near or have reached their ideal body weight but have some pockets of fat they’d like to get rid of.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction 

  • Little to no downtime 
  • No incisions or scars 
  • Minimal side effects for most patients 
  • Results will last as long as the patient is able to maintain their weight

Limitations of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction 

  • Only reduces fat
  • The amount of fat lost is variable, and can only be estimated
  • Multiple treatments may be required to achieve optimal results
  • Is not ideal for those with significant amounts of fat to lose

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

Body Contouring

Body Contouring helps to reduce fat cells by freezing them. A cupped device will be placed on the treatment area where it transmits temperatures that are low enough to freeze the fat cells, essentially killing them.

What You Need to Know About Body Contouring 

  • Ideal for patients that want to reduce the size of a bulging fat
  • Most patients require only one to two treatments

Laser Treatment

Laser fat reduction breaks down fat cells by using controlled heat. There is a constant cooling mechanism to ensure that the skin is not burned or damaged during the process.

What You Need to Know About Laser Treatment 

  • FDA approved for abdomen and flanks but can be used in other areas
  • The procedure is painless; some patients may feel a warm sensation

Injectable Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is a natural substance in the body that breaks down fat. When injected, it can break down fat cells in targeted areas. It is most often used to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

What You Need to Know About Injectable Deoxycholic Acid

  • Injections can take up to 20 minutes to perform; a local anesthetic may be used to make the procedure more comfortable
  • Little to no downtime required; most patients can resume regular activities after two days

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments vary in nature and can be performed by a medical aesthetician, registered nurse, or cosmetic surgeon. If you are interested in learning more about non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction, come into FAB Laser and Skincare. Our number one priority is to have you looking and feeling your absolute best.