If you are someone who stays up to date with beauty and skincare trends, chances are you are familiar with microneedling. It is one of the most popular treatments available right now, and it’s no mystery why; everyone wants smoother and tighter skin with no scars and minimal fine lines. What’s more, we all want those things without having to go through intensely invasive procedures that make us question whether it’s even worth it. If you are looking for healthier and younger looking skin, microneedling may be the treatment you have been waiting for.

As with any procedure, many people are hesitant to dive in. You may be uncomfortable with some of the aspects; however, the truth is, you have nothing to fear when it comes to microneedling. Whatever your concerns may be, it is likely due to incorrect or lack of information. In reality, once you are familiar with this treatment and the amazing results it produces, you are likely to embrace it and seek additional treatment sessions.

The first thing people assume with microneedling is that it is extremely painful. This is not surprising given that the procedure consists of tiny needles puncturing the skin in order for your body to build new collagen and elastin. While that may sound unpleasant, a trained professional will apply the appropriate numbing cream so that you barely feel anything at all. If pain is your concern, eliminate that fear immediately because it will cause you to delay obtaining the skin you’ve always wanted.

Another concern is that this treatment requires too long of a recovery time and people simply cannot stop their lives for weeks at a time to heal. This is also a false assumption and one of the best things about microneedling is the minimal healing time it requires. Yes you will likely experience redness; however, that will start to fade after just two days! While every patient will react differently, a 48 hour healing time is generally what it takes for the patient to recover and see their new and vibrant skin.

On that note, the issue of safety is also a common concern and rightfully so. With any procedure, you want to make sure you know the risks and side effects prior to agreeing to any treatment. While you should definitely consult a professional, microneedling has been deemed to be very safe, especially if you are having the treatment done at a reputable place by a trained professional. The punctures created by the needles are very tiny and will therefore close much more quickly decreasing and, in many cases, eliminating the chances of any complications. While the tools are available to do this treatment at home, any procedure involving needles is best left in the hands of professionals. The last thing you want is to damage your own skin.

Now that you are a little better informed regarding microneedling, chances are you have a different perspective and may consider getting this amazing treatment that will do wonders for your skin. Visit FAB Laser & Skincare today and get ready to fall in love with your new and improved skin!