Skincare is very unique and everyone has a different routine based on their skin type and concerns. Age is an important factor when it comes to skincare and you should be switching your routine based on this aspect. Achieving healthy skin should always be the goal, so focus less on turning back the time and prioritize the health of your skin instead.

Knowing your skin type, learning how to layer and wearing SPF on a daily basis are three rules that every one of all ages must follow. Other steps will depend on your age; a skincare routine for a teenager will be different than that of someone who is in their fifties.

Teenagers should cleanse, exfoliate and protect their skin because their bodies go through major changes during this period and when hormones fluctuate, it can affect the skin. For this reason, cleansing, toning and moisturizing are important and only products that are catered to your skin type should be used. A product that works great on a friend may not be as effective for you because every skin type is unique. Your twenties, on the other hand, are a time to establish a consistent routine and creating good habits is extremely important because it will help you achieve and maintain better skin for the rest of your life. Balancing your skin tone, taking control and introducing retinol into your routine are all tips you should follow. Do not overuse products and avoid an overly complicated routine because it is not necessary.

Your thirties are when you need to invest in serum, use retinol and be gentle with your skin. You should have an established routine at this stage in your life and your thirties are when you should take things up a notch by investing in high-quality products that contain plenty of active ingredients. Collagen will begin to break down and your skin will produce less oil, so you need to incorporate rich formulas that are very hydrating. Your forties are when your skin will really begin to change, so you need to have a skincare routine on lockdown. It is important that you start hydrating, use an eye cream and eat plenty of protein because this is the time where your skin will start to become thinner from the loss of collagen, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Harsh ingredients and foam cleansers should be avoided.

Rich formulas, probiotic skincare and facial oil should all be part of your skincare routine in your fifties because this is the time where nurturing your skin is a must to keep it looking as radiant as possible.

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