Let’s face it, diets can be especially demanding and not always effective. That’s why it’s important to start with small steps towards improving your lifestyle and nutrition to transition towards a happier, healthier you. One of the best ways to do this is to make conscious efforts to reverse your fat and eat smart. By doing so and following a smart diet plan, you can reduce your appetite, lose weight quickly but without starving and improve your metabolism. Intrigued?

Check out FAB Laser and Skin Care’s straightforward guide to eat smart and reverse body fat below:

1. Reduce Sugar and Starch Intake

The most important first step to take to eat smart and healthier is to reduce your sugar and starch intake. When you proceed to do so, your hunger levels begin to decrease and you will be consuming fewer calories. Before you were burning carbs for energetic purposes and now the body is feeding off that stored fat. Cutting sugar and starch out of your system can also decrease your insulin levels, which can reduce excess bloat and water weight. 

2. Add More Protein, Fat and Vegetables 

For each of your three meals, you should add protein, a source of fat and vegetables. Basing your meals around these three sources will bring the necessary carb intake of 20-50 grams per day into the equation. The primary protein sources include meat, fish and seafood, and eggs. Protein is absolutely crucial to a smart, healthy lifestyle and can enhance metabolism. Diets that are high in protein can reduce certain unhealthy cravings by as much as 60%. Fat sources to incorporate in the meals include coconut oil, olive oil, butter and low-carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage, and cucumber. A diet based primarily on meat and vegetables contains significant amounts of fibre, vitamins, and minerals to keep you healthy.

3. Swap Out Sweet Beverages

Cutting out your sugar and starch intake from your diet applies to the beverages you’re drinking as well. Sodas and beverages that are high in sugar are packed with added calories and offer no or very little nutritional value. When consuming sugary beverages along with alcohol, you’re at a much higher risk of developing excess belly fat. Restricting your intake of these sugary beverages will reduce your calorie intake to help regulate and maintain a healthy weight and waistline. For most, consuming coffee is a daily routine, but this can add to your calorie intake. Opt for green tea, which contains caffeine and is full of antioxidants that can improve one’s metabolism and increase fat burning. 

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