Tired of seeing that strange pebble-like growth on your skin? Considering removing it yourself? Before you do, consider all of your options! Skin tag removal at home may seem like a convenient, easy route to take, but is often a quick fix to the problem. These benign skin growths that often appear in the folds of your skin are fortunately not harmful. However, they can affect one’s self-esteem and that’s a nuisance in itself.

Here’s why at-home skin tag removal isn’t efficient and reasons skin removal treatments at the clinic are:

Don’t Try This At Home

Doctor’s advise against at-home skin removal methods for skin tags. This is because most patients attempt to cut the tag off, which results in bleeding, pain or scarring. Remedies including garlic, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil have no compelling evidence to prove that they are effective. In fact, these methods can irritate your skin and cause inflammation. The tissue of the skin tag will not be effectively removed with DIY methods, or may kill off part of the lesion while leaving the rest. Home remedies should especially be avoided if the skin lesion is near the eyes, genitals or causing bleeding and pain.

Why Get Skin Tags Professionally Removed

These raised lesions on the skin can sometimes simply fall off on their own. However, the larger tags are more likely to be permanent and require removal. Getting tags removed professionally is the safest, most effective solution to the problem. A simple procedure, there is basically no recovery time required in most cases and no scarring. Professional experts can remove the skin tag to have them removed properly. Here’s how our experts at FAB Laser & Skin Care remove the lesions:


  • This treatment involves removing the skin lesion off using liquid nitrogen. This freezes the tag for a few seconds as it is applied directly on it. The lesion may be slightly red post procedure, however, redness will go away shortly. After about a week’s time, the skin tag will fall off. Smaller skin tags may only require one procedure, but larger tags may need several sessions for it to be eliminated fully.


  • This treatment involves explicitly burning off the skin tag electrically to close the wound after the tag is removed. This procedure is specifically designed for larger skin lesions. Afterwards, an adhesive bandage is applied to the area until it is healed. This procedure is often the preferred method because of its immediate results from removal.

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