Body Contouring is one of today’s most advanced and effective ways to remove unwanted fat. People all over the world are enjoying this effective and non-invasive procedure and are seeing real results! Among those who are taking advantage of all Body Contouring has to offer are certain notable celebrities. Being a celebrity means your life can easily be under a microscope, or that paparazzi can be around any corner looking to snap a photo of you on a bad day. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who have chosen to fight these pressures with Body Contouring!

Khloe Kardashian

This member of the Kardashian clan slimmed down thanks to diet and exercise, but she also incorporated Body Contouring inter her transformation. The 32-year-old recently told New Beauty Magazine that CoolConturing helped her to eliminate stretch marks and that it also helped her to avoid turning to other procedures such as Botox. There are rumours that Khloe’s equally, if not more famous sister Kim has also used Body Contouring.

Jennifer Anniston

As one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, it’s hard to believe that Jennifer Anniston would have any reason to use Body Contouring. But if the word on the street can be believed, the former Friends star has experimented with the procedure to target some trouble spots on her body. She has told InStyle Magazine that she enjoys using laser and other non-invasive treatments, so who’s to say she has not tried Body Contouring as well?

Mariah Carey

Though it is not officially confirmed that Mariah Carey is a fan of the Body Contouring procedure, a source close to the pop diva has been quoted saying that part of her slimmed-down look that she’s rocking lately is the result of Body Contouring. Though she is known to be very selective when it comes to revealing how she maintains her figure, we can only hope she makes her support for Body Contouring official soon!

Molly Sims

This model-turned-actress is actually an official spokesperson for Body Contouring and has said it helped her get rid of some unwanted abdominal fat after going through two pregnancies. She’s been quoted praising the fact that CoolContouring is an easy procedure with no downtime, making it perfect for people with busy lifestyles, especially hard-working moms. Molly, who is now pregnant with her third child, has also said she would definitely consider doing it again after her third baby is born.

Lindsay Lohan

This starlet is actually about to undergo her second Body Contouring procedure, and she has already declared her love for the procedure on YouTube by saying that she has a new-found love for all things cryo. By not hiding her fondness for the fat-freezing procedure, Lindsay is helping more and more people wake up to the idea of getting rid of unwanted fat in a non-invasive and effective way.

Ali Landry

Ali Landry has gone on record saying that Body Contouring has helped her to trim the abdominal fat that has haunted her for quite some time. The star underwent a surprisingly relaxing hour-long Body Contouring treatment that helped her to get back to her old self. Today, she can’t express her love of the procedure enough, saying that it’s the reason she doesn’t need to suck it in anymore while on camera.