Sometimes we try our hardest to get fit and stay physically active, only to find our bodies do not look the way we hoped they would. This is a sad reality for many in the weight-loss community. If you’ve worked hard to get yourself to a healthy weight and now struggle with unsightly excess skin or other complications, body contouring may be the procedure you’ve been looking for!

A Non-Invasive Solution

Body contouring has come a long way from the days of invasive surgical options such as liposuction. New technology has enabled doctors to reduce excess skin, boost metabolism, and melt away troublesome fat deposits without ever touching a scalpel. This means your risk of complications is dramatically decreased. There is virtually no recovery time too, so you can get back to living your healthy lifestyle without spending days or weeks laid up after surgery.

Time- Efficient and Effective

Many of us have more than one trouble spot we desperately want to get rid of. With invasive surgery this can mean having to undergo a lot of costly and risky procedures to target each spot individually. What makes non-invasive body contouring different is its ability to target more than one area of the body in one single procedure!

Of course, for more dramatic results, it’s best to receive the treatment regularly until you achieve your ideal level of sculpting. Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to treatment. Work closely with a professional you trust to find the procedure and time window that fits your needs. The upside is each treatment is generally short and most achieve their goals in a matter of weeks.

Greatly-reduced Risks and Side-Effects

One of the biggest dangers to invasive surgical body contouring are the side effects and risks involved. With major surgery the complications can be severe, including risk of bleeding, infection, blood clots, and unfavourable scarring. Some of these side effects can be so dangerous they can lead to lifelong disabilities or even risk of death!

Non-invasive body contouring is a far safer option, with minimal side effects. Some people report no complications at all. The most common post-procedure problems here include moderate skin redness, swelling, or some temporary nerve pain. Compared to the dangers of surgery, these issues barely seem problematic at all and most clear up less than a day after treatment!


The starting cost for plastic surgery is usually many thousands of dollars for one single area of the body. That usually does not include the cost of any follow-up procedures or additional treatment for complications or side effects. Surgery often leaves scars behind too, which means you can be left with unseemly scars or the challenging cost of having them removed.

Comparatively, non-invasive procedures cost dramatically less, and you could receive several weeks worth of treatment without coming close to the cost of one surgical treatment. There is no worry for added cost of recovery or complications. Additionally, because there is no cutting involved, you do not have to fret about unnatural-looking scars, or what it would cost to have them removed.