Skin tags are small, flesh colored skin growths that can appear on anyone, at any time, in any area of the body. They are considered to be harmless, but it usually raises a big cosmetic concern. Skin tags mostly get created out of friction (the rubbing of skin against skin).

Other factors that might contribute to the occurrence of skin tags are:

  • Heredity
  • Presence of certain forms of HPV
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Diabetes

The most common areas skin tags will get developed in are the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin and stomach.

There are many procedures to get rid of skin tags fast and easy.


This will burn the skin tag off. An electric current will pass through a wire that becomes hot and will be used to burn off the upper layers of the skin. A skin tag will get removed by burning through the narrow stem that attached them to the skin. The heat will prevent it from bleeding.


This involved a thin piece of thread that is used to inhibit the flow of blood to the skin tag, causing it to go black, dry up and fall of.


This involves freezing it with liquid nitrogen. A swab or spray of super-cold liquid nitrogen will go on the skin tag, and it will eventually fall off naturally. There might be a small blister where the skin tag was but it will heal on its own.


Skin tags can be snipped off with surgical scissors or a scalpel. Some skin tags might have cells that go deeper into the skin, and the doctor might have to make a deeper cut to remove the entire thing and prevent it from growing back.

Also, here are some at-home remedies that could work:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This acidic liquid will help break down the excess cells in the skin tag, which will aid in removing them easily and quickly. Dab the apple cider vinegar on the affected area, making sure that the skin tag is saturated with vinegar. Repeat this treatment twice daily for two to four weeks until the skin tag is gone.

Use Duct Tape

The duct tape will suffocate the skin under the tags, which will cause them to die. Place a generous piece of duct tape over the skin tag for 10 to 12 days continuously. Check the skin tag from time to time to see if it still attached or ready to fall off.


All credit goes to FAB Skincare