The holidays are a time to celebrate and with all the parties and festivities surrounding the season, it can be tough to stick to your diet or a healthy meal plan. Eating throughout the festive season can cause stomach bloating, which is why you need to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the holidays comfortably without feeling bad or being unhealthy.

Here are some tips to avoid bloating and help you navigate your way through the holidays comfortably:

  1. Do not pile up food on a large plate and instead use portion control. This will make a big difference because you’ll be limiting yourself and eating foods that you need instead of stuffing yourself with unnecessary calories your body does not require. A great trick is to use a smaller plate so that you have less space and can focus on the right foods instead of junk that will result in bloating.
  2. Do not get to the point of starvation. Arriving at a holiday party in this condition will lead to disaster because you will overindulge in the appetizers and become full of bread and cheese, which will cause a lot of bloating. Instead, make the effort to eat a healthy and filling breakfast and lunch so that you’re not starving by the time you get to your dinner party and can enjoy yourself throughout the night.
  3. Don’t get cozy on the couch immediately after you eat. This is very tempting to do but crashing on the couch after a heavy holiday meal will lead you to feel sluggish and cause bloating. While it’s unrealistic to do a full workout, try moving around the house a little bit to prevent this from happening. Help clear the table or go for a nice family walk after dinner and you’ll instantly feel better and won’t experience bloating.
  4. Monitor your caffeine intake. The holidays can be stressful and with all the running around you have to do, drinking lots of coffee may seem like one way of getting through it but the reality is that it will affect the condition of your gut. Carbonated drinks will have the same negative effect, so don’t increase your coffee intake and reach for water as often as possible, which is a far better option.
  5. Don’t forget about your health. With all the treats, hot chocolates and hearty meals that come along with the holidays, it can be easy to forget about your daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and water, so it’s very important not to forget about this aspect. Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying rich foods but do so in moderation without forgetting about the healthy foods your body requires.

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